The Rocketeer by Dave Stevens
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Los Angeles, 1938 - The world hovers on the brink of war. A famous adventurer and scientist, has built a one-man rocket-pack which will allow a man to fly. But before it can be properly tested, the prototype is stolen by enemy agents. With the authorities in hot pursuit, they are forced to hide the pack in an airfield hanger, where it is discovered by daredevil pilot Cliff Secord. Not knowing its origin, Cliff adopts the identity of the Rocketeer. Cliff acquits himself so well against the Nazi spies that when he is finally tracked down by the rocket-pack's rightful owner, Cliff is allowed to keep the device. It is felt that Cliff has earned it and that he will continue to do good in the world with it.

The Rocketeer character was created by illustrator Dave Stevens in 1981, and was visibly based on the heroes of Republic serials such as King of the Rocket Men. Buried in the last pages of another comic, the response was so overwhelming that The Rocketeer soon had it's own comic and quickly became a star in it's own right. In 1991 a live action movie was released by Walt Disney.

Like most true pulp tales, the story is not new. It was covered in The King of the Rocket Men serials. The Rocket Men serials were created by Republic at the end of the serials era, in response to the popularity of Superman. The Rocket Men would become Republic's most well received hero, the costume and concept returning in three movies.

The Rocketeer Copyright Dave Stevens.