The Rocketeer by Dave Stevens
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Bettie Page

In the comic book she was 'Betty', in the movie she was 'Jenny', but in real life she was and is Bettie. Bettie Page was the pinup girl of the fifties. She was photographed more than Marilyn Monroe and Cindy Crawford combined.

Bettie's modeling career started in the early 1950's, when she was discovered on the beach at Coney Island. She posed for many of the top photographers of the time including Bunny Yeager, and was one of the first centerfolds in a new publication called Playboy Magazine. In 1957, at the height of her popularity, she dropped out of sight ending her modeling career. In the years since that time, her popularity has moved on to new generations of fans. She has become a pinup icon, with a look of sensuality mixed with a girl next door innocence. Her images are timeless.

At the height of her career Bettie was the top model for Irving Klaw. Bettie posed for less than a decade for pin-up photographs and for the movies made by Irving Klaw. These movies imortalized Ms. Page as a pioneer as many of the conventional boundaries of the day were stretched or passed. From pictures with whips and spankings to gags and rope ties, Bettie has done it all. After her modelling career ended in the early 60's, Bettie disappeared. In the early 80's Dave Stevens drew and wrote the comic series, the Rocketeer. The girlfriend of the leading man Cliff was none other than Bettie Page. This began a whirlwind revival of the quinessential pin-up model.

Many people credit Dave Stevens for the great resurgence of Bettie Page fans. When Dave drew Bettie he captured her certain something better than any artist before or since. Many drawings and paintings by other artists do look very much like Bettie but when Dave Stevens draws her, it is Bettie.

The Rocketeer Copyright Dave Stevens.