The Rocketeer by Dave Stevens
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The Rocketeer is perhaps the best example of a modern day attempt to revamp the pulp character. Based off a small comic that was buried at the back of another comic, the Rocketeer soon became the talk of the town.

Recreated from the Rocket Men serails by Pinup spoof artist Dave Stevens, the Rocketeer is perhaps the most unsung hero of our time. Much of this can be attributed to the untimely release of the Disney movie, sandwiching the Rocketeer between Robin Hood Prince of Theives and Terminator 2.

Set in pre-World War II Los Angeles, The Rocketeer revisits (without naming) some of the greatest pulp characters ever to fill the pages. Doc Savage builds a one man jetpack that is stolen and found by ace pilot Cliff Secord, who quickly puts it to use fighting crime. Secord has a girl named Betty (which Disney felt the urge to change to Jenny) and associates with a character that could only be the Shadow.

Yet, it is the artwork of Dave Stevens that has made the Rocketeer such a pulp fanatic sensation. He has been able to recapture the nostalgia of the era, brought back the heroes and villians of yesterday, and given young men across America a renewed interest in Betty Page.

The Rocketeer Copyright Dave Stevens.
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